Covid 19 Updates

November 2020 Update

2020 is coming to an end, and 2021 looks to be showing some light at the end of the tunnel Re: Covid and social restrictions. As a member of the high risk category, I will be keeping my baby classes online until it is safer for me to return to face-to-face therapies. With this in mind, I have planned the first quarter of 2021 and will be keeping an eye on HSE guideline updates and regularly reviewing my position. Hopefully, face-to-face classes and therapies will return safely in 2021, and we can all begin to heal the wounds of 2020, emerging stronger than ever!

Check out the December 2020 and Jan/Feb/March 2021 schedule here and follow The Holistic Port on Facebook & Instagram for updates.

Stay safe and take care,
Teresa x

August 2020 Update

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for your engagement and patience during these turbulent months. I have been taking a back seat and watching how things have been developing regarding restrictions and guidelines around public health and safety, unsure of how to proceed, but confident that the right time and direction would be obvious when it came.

The recent local lockdown of Laois, Offaly & Kildare was a definite reminder of how quickly things can escalate, and how reactive we need to be to manage things effectively. I love what I do, but it comes second to me and my family. As I am at a higher risk of severe Covid symptoms, The Holistic Port will be coming second every time until the risk has reduced to a level that I am comfortable to embrace. I am also conscious that many of my clients are also in the higher risk categories, even though some have not been aware of this. A scenario that I wish to avoid at all costs, is one where I must contact a number of clients to inform them that they are potential Covid contacts as they were at my clinic in the hours after a client who subsequently tested positive for Covid.

The pandemic is nothing more than a nuisance for many; for The Holistic Port it is a show stopper that is becoming a game changer. My baby massage classes have been online for a few months now, and I will continue to run these classes online for as long as is necessary. I am exploring the possibility of consulting online and providing support remotely to people who would like to practice self care in a different way. Online will never replace the value of touch therapy, but for the moment, it is a good alternative while the risk outweighs the benefits.

In the meantime, if you have a voucher you can use it for the online baby class, or an online consult (launching in September). Alternatively, you can contact me directly for a full refund on your voucher.

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June 2020 Update
June 29th 2020 is an historical day, when businesses are reopening again. After a lot of consideration, I have chosen to move tentatively on reopening. New measures are in place everywhere, and I have decided to take a step back to see how we transition into this phase as a community, and observe outcomes and improvements. I will be resuming treatments and classes when I am confident that I can deliver both in a comfortable and safe environment, where everyone feels at ease.Gift vouchers are still valid, and expiry dates will be extended in line with when I reopen.

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Teresa x

May 2020 Update
Life has changed for everyone with the global pandemic. My own expectation is that The Holistic Port, and similar therapists, will be amongst the last to return to normal. I work in close contact with clients and their babies, so I won’t be taking any risks of spreading COVID-19, and will be operating in line with government guidelines.

I started running baby massage classes, via Zoom, on May 6th. I can see that there is an emerging generation of babies and parents who suddenly have little access to significant services and social building opportunities… how we took these things for granted only a few short months ago!

My Zoom classes are run in line with IAIM guidelines for online baby massage classes. The course has been adapted for online teaching during this uncertain time; I host classes just as much for parents in lockdown as for babies.

Please contact me via email (, social media (@TheHolisticPort) or phone (087-77 66 135)  for booking and more information.